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TNC Lead Carbon

TNC Lead Carbon

Tianneng Lead carbon battery TNC series adopts advanced lead carbon technology and special positive active material structure, along with patent rare earth alloy and patent hydrophobic separator with VRLA technology to achieve extra longer cycle life, with excellent high energy and high power, even in partial state of charge (PSOC).

Product Details

Product Features:

Advanced Lead Carbon Technology

●  Restrain the sulfation, increase the ability of charge acceptance

Patent Rare Earth Alloy (Green Alloy)

●  Plate corrosion: -50%

●  Life time: +30%

●  High charging current (Amps): +30%

Patent Hydrophobic Separator

●  Better in tensile strength and elasticity

●  Improve battery capacity retention and cycle life

●  Patent number: ZL201210070685.8

Extended Cycle Life

●  High energy battery 12V series: 60% DOD≥3600 cycles

●  High energy battery 2V series: 60% DOD≥4500 cycles

●  High power battery 12V series: 60% DOD≥2500 cycles

Excellent Battery Performance

●  Excellent performance on fast charging, charging time cut down by 30%

●  The capacity @-20℃ higher than normal battery

●  The cycle life @+35℃ is 60% longer than normal battery



●  Solar power system●  House-hold energy storage system
●  Wind power system●  Commercial energy storage system
●  Electric power system ●  Power distribution & transmission
●  Upgraded UPS system

High Power Pb-C Battery Specifications

(Power Type)
Nominal CapacityDimension (±2mm)Dimension (inch)Terminal

C10 (Ah) 


C20 (Ah) 


TNC12-65P1265 69 260168211213.510.246.618.318.41I3
TNC12-80P1280 85 330172214221.512.996.778.438.72I7
TNC12-100P12100 106 40817122422416.066.738.828.82I7
TNC12-120P12120 127 48017024024018.906.699.459.45I7
TNC12-150P12150 159 53220721522020.948.158.468.66I7
TNC12-170P12170 180 52223922022520.559.418.668.86I7
TNC12-200P12200 212 52026822022520.4710.558.668.86I7
High Energy Pb-C Battery Specifications
(Energy Type)
Nominal CapacityDimension (±2mm)Dimension (inch)Terminal
C10 (Ah) @ 1.80V

C100 (Ah)

  @ 1.80V

TNC12-501250 63 260168211213.510.246.618.318.41I3
TNC12-651265 82 330172214221.512.996.778.438.72I7
TNC12-801280 101 40817122422416.066.738.828.82I7
TNC12-10012100 126 48017024024018.906.699.459.45I7
TNC12-11512115 145 53220721522020.948.158.468.66I7
TNC12-13012130 164 52223922022520.559.418.668.86I7
TNC12-16512165 208 52026822022520.4710.558.668.86I7
TNC2-5002500 637 166206471493.56.548.1118.5419.43I7
TNC2-100021000 1250 191210646668.57.528.2725.4326.32I7
TNC2-120021200 1530 233210646668.59.178.2725.4326.32I7

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