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Electric Car Battery Is Not Durable In Winter? The Old Driver Teaches You Two Steps To Solve It!
- Jul 07, 2018 -

Battery maintenance is always a common topic, especially in winter, it is always felt that the battery is not durable and the battery's fear of cold is incisively and vividly. How can electric car batteries be cured in winter? To this end, Xiaobian specially invited for everyone to be able to answer the old driver.

First of all, we should clear some of the characteristics of the battery, the battery charge and discharge cycle is certain, charging a power is equivalent to the opportunity to use a charge and discharge cycle, so do not charge and discharge frequently, charging at about 30% of the battery power.

In addition, a deep discharge of the electric vehicle is carried out every month, and the charger should not be changed at will. Even if you don't use it for a long time, you should develop a good habit of recharging once a month.

In the course of riding to minimize the sudden acceleration or Flash brake light condition, such as the uphill, the bridge, the wind, or overweight driving must be pedaling, and must not be overnegative driving or loss of electricity. In the electric car battery charging should be as far as possible in the upright state, do not charge in the outdoor or placed in a wet environment, the electricity should not be cut off immediately after the power supply, it is recommended to continue filling 1~2 hours, but pay attention to the charge can not exceed 12 hours, because long overcharge will cause the plate active material to harden and fall, In serious cases, it can also cause water loss or deformation.

In winter, the air temperature is cold in the winter, and the battery is easy to freeze frosting. Before charging the battery, the battery should be placed for a while, then the surface temperature of the battery rises to the room temperature and then is fully dried.

In the event of rain and snow, the battery should be well protected against leakage of electricity. Put it in a ventilated and dry place before drying it, then connect to the power supply. Wipe the battery charging port to avoid leakage, short circuit and other faults.

The hardware must be hard enough. Batteries are the absolute hardware of electric vehicles. Choosing a hard hardware is very important. The day can be 30 years, only to do more high-end durable batteries. The quality of hi-tech products is constantly upgrading, and the winter is also anti freezing. With the above 6 tips, the instant feeling is "facing the sea, with spring blossoms".

Tian can again remind: to solve the problem of winter vehicle battery is not durable, the two step is in place. One step, one step. Select the day battery, pay attention to the daily maintenance of day battery.

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