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What Is The Secret Of Graphene Batteries? How Should I Choose?
- Jul 07, 2018 -

In 2016, graphene battery is a popular word in the electric vehicle industry. Many people do not understand exactly what is a graphene battery. In fact, graphene battery is a new energy battery developed by the rapid shuttle movement between the Shi Moxi surface and the electrode.

In 2004, graphene was discovered by human beings. As one of the thinnest, strongest and most conductive and conductive nanomaterials found at present, graphene is called "black gold". It is the "king of new materials". Scientists have even predicted that graphene will "completely change twenty-first Century", and it is very likely to set off a new and new industrial revolution sweeping the whole ball. Graphene was widely used in electric vehicle batteries in 2016.

As a leader in the world's high-end and durable batteries, tin battery has developed a new generation of graphene batteries. Black gold technology is applied to power battery manufacturing. The real integration of graphene and battery will greatly increase the durability of power batteries and extend the service life. The problems such as undurable, short life and easy to pack are solved in the past.

Graphene battery

Graphene battery (day real black gold battery)

However, it is worrying that the power battery with graphene banner has also appeared in the market, and there are various bright spots in promoting its products. With a variety of means to attract the attention of consumers, it also attracts consumers to buy these so-called "graphene batteries".

But in front of the dazzling goods, when there is no correct understanding of graphene, what choice should consumers make, how to make the right judgment, choose a better product, rather than be bewitched by a single propaganda?

As a "old brother" in the battery industry, to remind consumers to choose graphene batteries with real material, three new types of graphene superenergy batteries, named Black Gold batteries, real black gold batteries, and real black gold batteries, are used directly to tell consumers most directly of the graphite. The authenticity and reliability of the combination of the super energy battery. Because there are so many "black gold" power batteries in the market, not all batteries are actually using black gold materials. Some products only use edge ball to attract more consumers' eyes and enhance consumers' desire to buy. So when choosing, you must pay attention to distinguish.


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